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Caitlin Moran 'How To Be A Woman', czyli Ulubiony Anglik na gościnnych występach

I am a man, but I suppose you could also call me a feminist. And anyone who doesn't call for women to remain repressed and kitchen-bound is a feminist too.
I feel even more of a feminist having read Caitlin Moran's 'How To Be A Woman'.
It's part biography, part feminist manifesto sort-of-thing. And, most importantly to me, very very funny. Those of you living in the UK may be familiar with Moran's previous work – she got a job at the much missed Melody Maker while still a teenager, and presented a few dreadful TV shows on Channel 4 in the 90s. She occasionally writes for The Times and is married to that newspaper's music critic Peter Paphides.
But anyway, back to the book. As I'm sure you are all well aware, I don't read many books (much to Kasia's endless disappointment). And when I do read a book, it takes aaaaaaaaaages. This book, however, I finished in 4 days. I haven't done that since I used to practically eat the Target Doctor Who novelisations back when I was a kid.
If you are a woman, know a woman, or are related to or live with any women, you should read this book (that covers everyone, right?) - I loved it. Incredibly funny, really far far far too honest (her kids are really going to appreciate growing up knowing that a book containing details of their mum's first dalliances with onanism are available from The British Library), and a genuinely interesting read – the author's views on strip clubs (where she is mistaken for a russian prostitute), Lady Gaga (who she visited a german sex club with) and the fashion industry are both truthful and interesting.
And of course it being an autobiography you get plenty of life story too, and Caitlin Moran's is far from ordinary. Her childhood with five younger siblings and her job in a national music magazine aged 16 are not your typical British upbringing. And as with any life story, there are times of great emotion, and Caitlin writes about some truly moving moments in an honest and understandable manner.
In short, buy this book – because when you've read it you'll immediately want to lend it to someone for them to read.
Lots of love, Favourite Englishman.

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  1. kasia.eire
    2011/08/22 00:38:39
    Zapraszamy częściej ulubionego Anglika. I chociaż srednio mnie interesuje ta książka (czyżbym nie podpadała pod żadną kategorię wymienioną przez UA?), z przyjemnością i zainteresowaniem przeczytałam tę notkę. Fajny musi być z niego facet - c.b.d.u (co było do udowodnienia :-)
    Gość: czytanki anki,
    2011/08/22 09:17:46
    Thank you very much for your opinion, Kasia's FA;)

    Podpisuję się pod kasią.eire - zapraszamy częściej. Rzeczywiście fajny gość;)
    2011/08/22 20:28:44
    widzialam autorke tej ksiazki podpisujaca ksiazki kilka dni temu na Book Festival w Edynburgu. wyglada identycznie jak na okladce ksiazki. make- up ten sam:) pozdrawiam.
    Gość: Favourite Englishman,
    2011/08/22 21:06:25
    Thanks for your feedback. I'll make another appearance when I finish my next book. So see you in six months....
    2011/08/23 09:25:44
    Albo UA ściemna z tą jedna książką na 6 miesięcy, albo....te stosy nagromadzone w Waszym gniazdku to wyłącznie Twoja robota:)?
    2011/08/23 21:10:38
    UA mówi, że to jego tajemnica, ja mówię, że on czyta dużo, ale w zrywach, a książki należą w 87 procentach do mnie...